Monday, June 6, 2011

Fort Update

We had a perfect weekend here.  I got one step further on the fort so the boys are getting super excited with their fort now that they can see it with the plywood on the walls, and the joists up for the steel to go on.  My daughter even made lunch yesterday for everyone and we sat in the fort and enjoyed a nice little picnic.  I am hoping to get started on the steel tonight (which is salved also from an old pole shed).  A buddy of mine stopped by and told the kids that they were spoiled to have such a big fort.  Then he told me that with a fort like that, there was no reason to have to spend money to go on vacation - the kids would never want to leave it.  And yes, you do see three ladders standing there.  I even have one inside the fort - who knew that it would take as many ladders to build a fort as it does to build a house.

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