Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laminate flooring

Well just finished putting a laminate floor in for some nice folks. Folding just wasn't meant to go in nicely on the landing of a split entry. Lots of trim to under not to mention going into closets and under newel post and such. Oh well it looks awesome now that it's in and done.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cafe Table

My brother gave me a Cafe/Bistro table a few weeks ago.  Nice Maple top on it but the base, post and chairs were repainted from black to white, whoever did it did a butcher job, drips and runs all over it.  So I guess I have found my next project.  I dont know for sure but I a bet it's either Pine or Birch for the rest of the wood.  But maybe if the wood has decent character I will be able to just stain and poly it.  I will let you know after I am done with the stripping of it. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grandpa's desk

Taking grandpa's desk apart so I can fix the finish and build a new top for it to fit in my office. Using Howard restor-a-finish to try and get the old finish to come back to life. It's not working that well though. Guess I will have to try using steel wool, hopefully that will work or else it's time to start sanding it back to raw wood.
The running boards were the easiest to decide what to do with.  I started by taking my Dewalt Power Plane and taking a 1/64 inch off of them to get the dirt and grime off, then I sat with my chisels and cleaned out all of the little valleys of the dirt and grime they had also.  Next came the bed of the truck, that was also a no brainer, when I tried to remove all of the old bolts and screws holding the boards down the wood was so old and dry it just exploded and cracked into a thousand pieces, so those are going to be replaced with new, I am going to take chains and stiff brushes to distress them slightly. 

Old Betsy

So my Fire Dept has a 1940 something fire truck that we are refurbishing and I am in charge of all the wood inside and out of it.  This means the bed of the truck, the frame of the windsheild, the floor of the cab, and the running boards and tail gate.  Not to mention the steering wheel that was handed to me taped together with Duct Tape that was about 15 years old on it.  So I have been stripping paint and stain and dirt off of all these parts now for the better part of the winter and need to completely replace some of them.  The other guys on the department took the truck apart (I wasn't on the department yet) and took about 200 photo's luckily while they did it.  My problem at this point is that some of the parts were covered with a foil like veneer to try and hide the wear and tear of the wood.  So here I sit at my bench trying to decide how to save some and which to just replace.

What am I doing now.

Okay so here we go I going to try something new here and just put my thoughts out there for everyone to see.  I'm not sure if anyone will care.  That's fine if they don't and great if they do.  I'll probably just rant sometimes and other times just brag about my kids, post pics of my latest projects with woodworking.  And otherwise just see where this takes me, not sure exactly but we'll see what happens.