Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Betsy

So my Fire Dept has a 1940 something fire truck that we are refurbishing and I am in charge of all the wood inside and out of it.  This means the bed of the truck, the frame of the windsheild, the floor of the cab, and the running boards and tail gate.  Not to mention the steering wheel that was handed to me taped together with Duct Tape that was about 15 years old on it.  So I have been stripping paint and stain and dirt off of all these parts now for the better part of the winter and need to completely replace some of them.  The other guys on the department took the truck apart (I wasn't on the department yet) and took about 200 photo's luckily while they did it.  My problem at this point is that some of the parts were covered with a foil like veneer to try and hide the wear and tear of the wood.  So here I sit at my bench trying to decide how to save some and which to just replace.

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