Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wood splitter

So being a wood worker and having the call sign Woodhunter. I am always on the lookout for wood whether I am using it to make it something or using it to heat my shop to make something. A friend of mine had a coworker who had made himself a splitter. ( he had ruined his old one using it so much that the wedge blew it's weld). Well when he was all done he had enough parts leftover to make another. So he made an second (bigger) splitter and decided to sell it.
My friend called me and and asked if I was looking for a splitter still. I said yes but how much. He said two hundred dollars. I said really? I went and visited the guy and said could I try it for the weekend and see what I thought he said sure then he showed me the splitter. When I saw it I said if that starts it's sold. He pulled the cord and she started immediately. The engine has a low oil shut off and a ram as big as those on a bobcat.
Best purchase I ever made. Now when I'm out cutting wood I just bring it with and split as fast as I cut. No more waiting until January and February so that all the water in the log is frozen. Now I can split it as soon as I cut it and then it will dry faster.

Toy Kitchen #1

So my sister in law finds these toy kitchens on Pinterest. Then she decided that Uncle John could make one exactly to her wants. So here is what I built her. We searched for an old entertainment system but every thought that their's was made of gold. So I went to the store and got one sheet of plywood and a dog bowl a piece of plexiglass and some hinges and old extra drawer knobs. Then a day in the shop and an afternoon in the loft with a sprayer, and viola my niece has a kitchen. She uses it everyday. When I put the doors on for the oven and microwave I put the hinges on the side of the doors so that they didn't open downward. That way she and her friends aren't tempted to stand on the oven door.

Canopy box for scouts.

Okay so the boys use a tote for each of the canopies they have for Scouts. They then lay all the poles wherever they can find room in the trailer. So one of the other dads liked the canopy so much he bought his own for camping and hunting. Then he made this box to hold the whole thing in.

Now I wasn't born yesterday but man that's cool. Now it took myself and the other dad to pick up this box and we did that just fine. But about halfway back to the truck we realized we could have brought the truck closer.

So I figure if I take his design and make two boxes out of it. Then the young scouts should be able to carry them. I think I'll add some handles on the sides to for when they load them on the shelves In the back of the trailer.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Draw knife

Here are the photo's of the drawknife I talked about back in July. I am almost done with it should have a photo up in the next few days.

Where has the time gone?

Geez here I am thinking that I will be keeping up with this and then my summer is over and gone in the blink of an eye and I haven't done a thing on here forever. No wonder no one is checking it out. Oh well. I am going to do my best to get back to work on it and see if anyone cares about it at all.

I will try my best if anyone does start to read great!! If not then I guess I will at least be able to see what I have been doing myself.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Draw Knife

I was searching in another barn for some decent wood to salvage and came across an old draw knife. It's rusted pretty bad but seems to be solid underneath still. I think I will work on it the weekend and see if I can save it and still use it or if it will become another old tool to hang on the wall and look at.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Milk Cart

Well after much delay and lots of Blacksmithing.  I finished the milk cart I was asked to refurbish.  I was asked if I could replace the wood on an old Milk Cart, and of course thought replace wood no problem.  then I went and picked up the old cart and realized just what I was in for.  I should have really said I need see it first. ( I never seem to remember to do that.)  But after going through and getting most of it straightened out it turned out pretty good I think.  I was almost finished when The client showed me a picture of one she found with a planter box on it to put flowers and pine boughs.