Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wood splitter

So being a wood worker and having the call sign Woodhunter. I am always on the lookout for wood whether I am using it to make it something or using it to heat my shop to make something. A friend of mine had a coworker who had made himself a splitter. ( he had ruined his old one using it so much that the wedge blew it's weld). Well when he was all done he had enough parts leftover to make another. So he made an second (bigger) splitter and decided to sell it.
My friend called me and and asked if I was looking for a splitter still. I said yes but how much. He said two hundred dollars. I said really? I went and visited the guy and said could I try it for the weekend and see what I thought he said sure then he showed me the splitter. When I saw it I said if that starts it's sold. He pulled the cord and she started immediately. The engine has a low oil shut off and a ram as big as those on a bobcat.
Best purchase I ever made. Now when I'm out cutting wood I just bring it with and split as fast as I cut. No more waiting until January and February so that all the water in the log is frozen. Now I can split it as soon as I cut it and then it will dry faster.

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