Monday, June 27, 2011

Bird Bench

I was asked if it would be possible for me to save an old bench for a freind that her Grandfather made when she was younger.  I said, " Sure no problem".  I should have looked at the bench first.  Not that it was too bad, just that it was almost all rotted out.  I keep some wood behind my barn so that it can grey from weather.  At first I stacked it back there because I hadn't made enough room in my barn for it and needed to pull all the old nails out of it.  Now, it turns out that having some wood on hand that's grey and weathered is a good thing to have for "repairing" projects like this.  I'm going to have to make a rack out back to store some wood occasionally and weather it.  But the rest needs to be put inside in some racks up in the hayloft now.  I finished the bench without too many problems.  All but the back rest and back legs had to be replaced.  She was very happy with the finished project.  I told her to let it sit out until this fall with her plants on it and I would come and get it and finish it with some linseed oil to preserve it.  It should all be the same shade of grey by this fall.

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